Holistic Treatments


Customized Therapeutic Aroma Massage $120

Hot Stone Add-on to Aroma Massage $25

Targeted Aromatherapy Consultation $80 (60 min)

Subsequent Aromatherapy Consults $55 (30 min)

Customized Blend/Products for use at home – price varies

 What is Therapeutic Aroma Massage? Your therapist will assess and go over any health and medical concerns at the appointment, then plan out a customized blend of professional essential oils to use during the massage. This therapeutic massage provide many physical and emotional benefits, such as reducing stress, inducing deep relaxation, easing muscular tension, balancing the body systems and increasing the fluidity of blood and lymph. It is deeply relaxing, can eliminate toxins from the body and is very conditioning to the skin. In addition to physical healing benefits, the aromatherapy massage can provide emotional and psychological benefits as well. It is beneficial in maintaining and improving your overall health.

Depending on the oil blend determined for this treatment, it can provide relief from a variety of health issues such as respiratory issues, digestive or urinary issues, depression, minor skin irritations, hormonal issues, insomnia or sleep disturbances, and many more. Essential oils can also ease muscle pain or discomfort, improve circulation of blood and lymph, act as a tonic to the nervous system, provide relaxation, reduce anxiety, helps to remove toxins from the body and much more. The remaining oil will go home with you.


Foot $80 (60min)

Mini Foot $55 (30min)

Hand $55 (30 min)

Mini Hand $40 (15 min)

Child/Youth (4-12 years) $50 (30 min)

Foot Reflexology – Package of 3 sessions $225

Reflexology Combo (Foot & Hand) $80

Reflexology Circulation Boost $35 (15 min add on to any session)

Hot Stone Reflexology $100 (60 min - foot reflexology session utilizing hot stone techniques)

 What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a non-invasive therapeutic treatment where light pressure is applied to reflex points on the feet or hands using finger and thumb techniques. It is a holistic treatment, intended to treat the whole person, rather than just the symptoms of one particular ailment. It can induce a state of relaxation, balance and harmony, which will encourage the natural ability for the body to heal itself. It is based on the premise that the reflexes on the feet are a mirror image of all the organs, glands and parts of the body.

Benefits: Boost immune function

Improved sleep, can help with insomnia and disrupted sleep patterns

Digestive problems, such as constipation, IBS, etc.

Increase energy

Relieve stress, pain, and anxiety

Improve blood and lymph circulation

Prevent injury

Menstrual disorders, such as premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

Relieve pain in the body

Stimulate activity of internal organs

Relief from headaches

Successfully treat liver dysfunction, constipation, IBS, chronic headaches, and skin allergies

Relieve pressure on legs and feet in pregnant women

Activating the body to cleanse toxins and impurities

It can remove harmful free radicals, which weaken your organs and affect bodily functions.


Reiki Session $80 (60 min)

Mini Reiki Session $55 (30 min)

Reiki Boost $35 (15 min add-on to any service)


Reiki is a Japanese ‘laying of the hands’ technique used for stress reduction, relaxation and healing. It works with your body’s chakras, which can be described as energy centers within your body. The practitioner goes over specific points in your body and works to dissipate excess energy and send more energy to areas that may be lacking. They also work to release any blockages that you may have in your system. One of the greatest health benefits is stress reduction and relaxation, which triggers the body's natural healing abilities (immune system), aids in better sleep and improves and maintains health.


Calms the body, reducing stress and anxiety

May improve sleep

Removes energy blocks to promote and accelerate healing

Boosts immune system function

Helps to maintain and raise energy levels

Increases creativity and awareness

Balances your energy and body systems

Helps to release blocked emotions


Happy Soul Package

$160 (90 min - Includes full aroma massage + 30 minute foot reflexology)

Reflexology + Reiki Combo 

$115 (90 min – Includes full reflexology session and 30 minute Reiki)

$85 (60 min – Includes 30 minutes each of reflexology and Reiki)


Hot Stone Massage $100 (60 min)

Mini Hot Stone Massage $70 (30 min)

A full body soothing relaxing massage incorporated with hot/warm stones will stimulate circulation and deep relaxation. Gentle pressure will make this treatment pain-free yet deeply relaxing for your muscles. Designed for the individual requiring a quick relief of upper body tension. Hot/warm stones incorporated into the back, shoulders, neck, scalp and hands will release tension right away!

Customized Packages can be arranged.



Reproductive Support Session – $80 (60 min) / $120 (90 min)

Are you thinking of starting your family, currently in the process of trying to conceive, or undergoing fertility treatments? Have you been diagnosed with a reproductive health condition, have painful or heavy menstrual cycles, or entering menopause? Whether you’ve just stepped onto the path, have been on your fertility journey for years, or are at the end of your reproductive journey, these sessions offer informational, emotional, and hands-on support via reiki and reflexology. Together we will formulate a plan to support you in achieving your goals.

Womb Healing Session – $150 (90 min)

The health of our wombs speaks deeply to our experience and relationship with self. Healing the womb holistically involves healing and nurturing the physical tissues, healing the wounds of our minds, beliefs and emotions, and releasing and clearing away energy that is not ours or no longer serves us. This session includes a thorough health history, a reflexology and reiki combination, guided meditation and education utilizing castor oil packs in addition to abdominal massage. It can be very beneficial for reproductive health conditions, regulating menstrual cycles, scar tissue from a previous surgery or c-section, and generally improving overall reproductive health.
Includes take home castor oil package and informational booklet for continued use.
Refer to MEET THE TEAM section for information on Tracy our Holistic Therapist. 

60 Minute Ayurvedic Scalp Massage $80 by Aesthetician Danielle 
A relaxing scalp massage done with our very own face addiction enliven oil.
30 Minute Ayurvedic Scalp Massage $40 by Aesthetician Danielle 
A relaxing scalp massage done with our very own face addiction enliven oil.